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Go away go-daddy

Apparently go-daddy no longer wants to support blogging software.  So all of us who had Quick Blogcast had to move over to WordPress.  I’m hoping this looks okay, because I did this in a hurry before I went on vacation.  I … Continue reading

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I have this thing about details.  I notice some things that other people don’t see.  Oh, not everything, but there are some details that elude other people and they just scream “Hey, over here!” to me.  I’m thinking this is … Continue reading

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This seems like an apt title for a mish-mash of topics with relevance in my life right now. Yesterday afternoon, we had a neighborhood water main break under the street.  Brown water was running in between the asphalt and the … Continue reading

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Summer? What summer?

This weekend is Labor Day.  I’m still wondering what happened to Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  Although I did take a class this summer, it was more of a distraction than a pursuit of knowledge.  Why?  Because of … Continue reading

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Self Torment

Why oh why do I waste my time watching American Idol?  Although I have to admit, I did delete some of the episodes this season from the DVR without watching them due to lack of interest. So Lee was crowned … Continue reading

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American Idol?

One of my dirty little secrets is that I watch American Idol.  Okay, truth be told, it isn’t the only reality show I watch.  This year is fun with Ellen on it even though I’m not a big fan of … Continue reading

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Free Country?

As most of you know, I tend to be a bit on the liberal side of the political line.  I got shoved there by the right wing crazies out there.  But some of my notions tend to go down the … Continue reading

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