Resolving to not resolve

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I’ve tried them and I usually fail.  Then I feel like a failure, which leads to more resolutions to stop failing.  It’s a vicious circle.  So I have stepped off that merry-go-round.  Here are some of the resolutions that never made it to the success column:

  • Lose weight – who hasn’t tried this one?  And I continue to yo-yo back and forth, so that’s just the way I am.  Case closed.  Well, not really – I’ll be watching calories or points probably for the rest of my life.  The best I can hope for is some kind of dementia that erases my thoughts about my weight but not everything else.  Is there a calorie focused Alzheimers?
  • Hand write notes to people to say thank you or let them know I’m thinking about them.  This has never even gotten off the ground – ask my family.  I finally gave up on birthday cards because I never got around to sending them.  Somewhere I have a pile of unsent cards some of which are years old.  The best I can do these days is send an email that lets a friend or loved one know that I’ve been reading their Facebook page diligently.  How lovely.
  • Get more exercise.  See “Lose weight”.
  • Eat a healthier diet.  Again, see “Lose weight”.
  • Stop drinking.  When I used to drink, I would set a goal to stop for one month.  Never made it that far.  This resolution was abandoned and replaced with a 12 step group.  And not at New Years.  But visit a 12 step group in early January.  The rooms swell with well meaning addicts.  They are usually gone by February.
  • Watch less TV.  Where do I start with this one?  At one point in the past ten years, I was down to one 19″ TV and if I wasn’t in front of it when a show was telecast, I didn’t watch it.  Now we have three, soon to be four, flat screen TVs, all of which are hooked up to a satellite receiver and DVR.  Once we find a show we like, we record it.  We have every premium channel there is, and some sports programming that you pay extra for.  I actually feel guilty if I don’t watch some shows because we paid extra for them.  Somewhere I have gone terribly wrong with the goal of not sitting in front of a TV as much.
  • Read more books.  Okay, I’ve made some progress on this one since I got a Kindle, but with all the TV watching I have to do, playing with my iPad, and school work, who has time to read?
So I ask, why bother?  This year’s resolution:  no resolutions!  I’m just going to continue my on-going effort to lead a better life.  Sounds good to me.

About Purrkitten

I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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