Simple Pleasures

Despite the odds, our solar array is officially installed.  I’m sure some of the HOA board members still aren’t happy, but I really don’t care.  My spouse is constantly teasing me because I like to watch the electric meter run backwards during the day.  And today is our first rain since the installation, and NO LEAKS!  It’s the simple pleasures in life, don’tcha think?  So the water-wise landscaping is done, solar is in – now on to the big project.  Ripping out the walls downstairs.  We are still working on getting the final plans drawn and through an engineering review.  But it seems under control at this point.

Our holidays will be spent packing everything on our first floor to be sent to storage for the duration of the project.  I do mean everything:  furniture, dishes, pictures, decorations.  It’s like moving, but we are only going to the master bedroom for a few months.  We are literally going to be stuffed in three rooms, cooking in a microwave in the bathroom.  I think the cats may be okay, but we may kill the dog during the process.  Me and the wife?  Hopefully we will still like each other after this is all over.

The fun thing (at least it seems like it right now) is the shopping list we need to complete for the project.  Cabinets, appliances, hardware, flooring, paint, fabrics, lighting – you name it, we have to select and purchase it.  Even down to the baseboards and toilet seat.  It’s funny the things we already know we want (I have the toilet seat already selected) and the things we aren’t sure about (maple or cherry cabinets?).  I keep telling myself:  it’s a process, it’s supposed to have a lot of unknowns at this point.  The holidays seem like a distraction right now.  But I’m getting some cool stuff, I think, so opening some presents between now and demolition day is something I think I can handle.

About Purrkitten

I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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