I know I haven’t been around for a while – I’ll explain why in a later blog, but I’m going to take a few minutes here to sound off about my congressman and his partisan ways.  The honorable (yes, I leave that in lower case) Ed Royce, R – CA has some very interesting things to say about the stimulus package.  First, let me include his comments directly from his website:

Royce Opposes Democrats Unstimulating Stimulus

Feb 13 

Today, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) opposed the Democrat Leadership’s
unstimulating stimulus package. The $789 billion legislation, loaded
with wasteful spending, passed the House 246 to 183.

“In February 2008, the House Democrat Leadership enacted a $168
billion economic stimulus package, in June a $260 billion emergency
supplemental, then in July, a $300 billion housing bill, in October, a
$700 billion bailout, and now, it wants to spend another $800 billion,”
said Royce.

Less than 20 percent of the tax relief in this bill can be
considered stimulative. Most of the spending in this legislation is
social spending, which is of questionable benefit to our economy. This
plan now allows for stimulus money to be spent on stadiums, parks,
museums, theaters, art centers, and highway beautification projects.

“All nice things but how is borrowing money to pay for this going to
help those who are at risk of loosing their jobs or their homes? It
appears real economic growth took a back seat to pork-barrel spending,”
said Royce.

The following are highlights of the 1,000 page bill made available at midnight last night:

• $5.5 billion for federal buildings
• $200 million for Americorps and other volunteer programs
• $8 billion for high speed passenger rail
• $1.3 billion for Amtrak

• $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts

• $2 billion for neighborhood stabilization fund, providing funds to
organizations such as ACORN, which has been accused of practicing
unlawful voter registration in recent elections

“I am concerned with the long term implications of this bill and
what it will mean for our national debt. This stimulus package will be
met by an increase in our $10 trillion government debt (primarily
through borrowing) and an increase in future taxes. The American people
deserve much more,” said Royce.

Okay, so here are my comments about his thoughts on the stimulus package:

  • He refers to the bullets as “highlights”, however the items that he lists only total 2.16% of the total stimulus package when added up (not tough math, I’m surprised since he has a financial background).  He doesn’t list the biggest part of the package which is tax cuts, $280.8 billion, which Republicans normally love.  The tax cut comprises 35.59% of the stimulus package, which in my mind makes it more of a “highlight”, however he doesn’t believe it is worthy of that moniker.
  • Maybe he doesn’t list the tax cut as a highlight since he claims only 20% of it is stimulative.  However, he does NOT tell us how he has made this 20% assessment.  Please, sir, explain this statistic.  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I really am tired of hearing about his problems with ACORN.  Yes, they had some issues with voter registration, but that is NOT their primary purpose and they have done a lot of good over the years.  Look back over his various press releases, and he does a LOT of ACORN bashing.  What is it with Royce and ACORN?  What I want to know is how much of the $2 billion in neighborhood stabilization funding is actually going to ACORN, specifically to their voter registration activities (which is what he has a problem with)?  THAT is what he needs to take issue with.  My guess is that it is a very small amount.  Get over it, sir.
  • The National Endowment of the Arts provides employment for many people – INCLUDING ME!  I have been working as a free lance theatre technician for the last two years.  I am now what could be described as a discouraged worker who is going back to school to re-educate myself in something else because I can’t make a go of it.  There simply isn’t enough funding in the arts.
  • Finally, please don’t talk about the increasing government debt.  He personally voted under President Bush many budgets and bills that increased the deficit to monstrous proportions that helped put us into this mess.

One last note on spelling and punctuation.  He has a spelling error in his comments:  it’s “losing” their jobs, not “loosing” their jobs.  (Interesting visual that is.)  And in the title, “Democrats”  should be “Democrats’ “, the plural possessive.  Perhaps the hon. Royce should spend some on his own basic education?

One of his non-Republican constituents who has a brain

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