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Queen for a Day

I must be a queen because I got a throne for Christmas.  Really.  No, I did not get a new toilet, or even an outhouse from a loved one.  I got a new throne for my drum set.  The one … Continue reading

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Another Layoff

As I write this, 40 more people from the company I most recently worked for just received their layoff notices.  Yes, this has something to do with the economy, but it also has do to with the business model the … Continue reading

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To Bailout, or not to Bailout

Anybody who has read some of my blogs knows that I can lean any which way that makes sense to me.  I’ve said I’m fiscally conservative but socially progressive. So what about this auto industry bailout?  If the “Big Three” … Continue reading

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Do you remember those Calvin Klein commercials where they would whisper “obsession” and you just wanted to run to the store and get whatever those beautiful people had all over those beautiful bodies?  I remember it.  I am currently obsessed.  … Continue reading

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