Can You Believe This?

I just received my regular newsletter from my state assemblymember, Michael Duvall, district 72.  Honestly, I was appalled.  He has really irked me in the past, but this time – well, see for yourself:


the results of the California propositions less than a week old,
thousands of protestors have already hit the streets across the state
in anti-democratic opposition to Prop 8, a constitutional amendment
that says marriage consists of one man and one woman in the State of
California. Prop 8 passed with 52.5% support.  Coupled with the results
of the presidential election in California, it is clear that Prop 8
enjoyed broad, bipartisan support.

Roughly 11,000 gay couples have been ”married” in California since
the State Supreme Court overturned Prop 22. Although Prop 8 will outlaw
future same sex marriages in the state, Attorney General Jerry Brown
has decreed that gay couples ”married” prior to the passage of Prop 8
will retain their legal married status
.  Chances are a final
disposition on the matter will be brought about by the courts.

This week, cases are being brought before the State Supreme Court to
rule Prop 8 unconstitutional. As a supporter of Prop 8, I will be among
the state legislators committed to defending California voters’
definition of marriage.

Activities of the California Supreme Court can be monitored at //

Honestly, I was so upset, I could hardly speak for a moment.  I googled until I found his email address, and shot off this reply:

Regardless of your position on proposition 8, to say that the
protestors are participating in “anti-democratic opposition” simply
flies in the face of this great country that we live in.  All people
have the right to free speech, regardless of their opinion.  For you to
suggest otherwise, especially as a member of our state assembly –
frankly, it’s appalling.

Just so you know, I am one of your
constituents who is among the 11,000 couples you are now referring to
as “married”.  I’m not sure why the quotes.  I am as married as you
are.  I have the license to prove it.  As a state legislator, you
should be committed to defending those of us who are married, and our
right to free speech.

I invite you to write to this particular assemblymember and let him know how you feel: 
Contact Michael Duvall

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