Prop 8 – Show Me the Money – Update

Things are continuing to heat up.  I’m getting all kinds of information, and as I get it, I want to post it for everyone.

Here is a website so that you can do your own queries to find out who has donated to both sides of the Prop 8 campaign by state, city, and zip code.  I encourage you to do so.  I did for my area, and I have discovered some small businesses in my area that I will avoid.

Prop 8 Donors Search

Also, please notice the new link on the sidebar “Prop 8 Dishonor Roll”.  This is a list of major donors to the “yes” effort.  You may be surprised what you find.  I for one am going to print it and make sure I refer to it and not do business with these people – and let them know why.

For those of my friends who live in Long Beach – and other parts of the Los Angeles area – beware of El Pollo Loco & Denny’s.  Turns out that the President and CEO of many of the Southland locations of these restaurants was a contributor to the “yes” effort ($6000 worth).  His name is Roland Spongberg and his company name is WKS Restaurant Group.  To find locations to avoid, go to the company website:

WKS Restaurants

Update:  I got an email from the Corner Bakery Cafe corporate offices.  WKS Restaurants currently have no California franchises of Corner Bakery Cafe and none are planned.

I also found a blogger who has listed all the El Pollo Loco’s to avoid (thanks Faith!).  Her blog is:

El Pollo Loco Restaurants to Avoid

As I get more information, I’ll post it here.

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