Taking It To The Streets

Okay folks, the fight continues.  The Prop 8 folks think that by passing an amendment to the California constitution that we gay rights people will simply go quietly into the night.  Or into the closet.  Or wherever.  Nope – not even close.  Check out the protests that have been going on the last two nights in Los Angeles, and there is one planned in Long Beach tonight.  I wish I could go, but I have to work.  Damn!

There is a petition being circulated to be sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger to re-open the issue.  And several court cases have been filed over the issue now that the proposition has passed.  I predict that a Pandora’s box of legal issues has been opened that will ultimately result in gay marriage being legal in the state of California.  It may take a while, but it will happen.  It took time for interracial marriages and other forms of discriminatory practices to be removed from the laws of this state through both court challenges and legislative action, but it did happen, and it will in this case.

I was sad at first when Prop 8 passed, but now I have worked through that and just feel angry and want to get back to work to make it right.  I’m especially angry at church organizations that have encouraged their congregations to vote for this because of their beliefs in “traditional” marriage.  The degree to which some of these churches have lent their support and infrastructures to the cause of passing this proposition should call into question their role as a faith-based organization, and thus their tax exempt status.  But who am I to judge this?  I’m just a blogger – who happens to have an accounting degree and read the tax exemption guidelines for churches!

Let’s talk for a minute about the word “traditional”.  I’m sick and tired of this word being thrown around like it is the holy grail of desirability in terms of marriage.  I looked up the definition, and it means “the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation” or “a mode of thought or behavior followed by a people continuously from generation to generation”.  Okay, let’s think about this for a minute.  So if traditions are a good thing, as in marriage, that means we don’t want things to change from generation to generation, right?  I think we all know where I’m going with this, don’t we?  Of course we want change over time.  Change is good – we live in a changing, evolving world.  Change has brought better living to our world – better health care, transportation, sanitation, communication, living conditions – the basic human condition has been vastly improved over time by change.  So to say that we must cling to traditions just because they are “traditions” – this simply makes no sense.  Unless your religion specifies it.  In that case, your church simply can stick with whatever “tradition” it chooses.  The law of this land cannot dictate that due to religious freedom.  But the laws itself should not be subject to “tradition”.

My angry fingers hurt.  I’m signing off.

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I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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