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A Sneaky Holiday

Today is Thanksgiving, and I have no idea how it got here so quickly.  And Christmas is right around the corner.  The spousal unit and I are simply too busy this year to do the normal holiday stuff, like entertain … Continue reading

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Therapy by Blog

I recently reconnected with one of my old college roommates on Facebook and she has connected me with a bunch of women that lived on the floor of the dorm that we lived in at the University of Cincinnati.  It … Continue reading

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Great Balls of – Smoke

The past week or so, I’ve been writing nearly every day.  Now I know what it takes to silence me:  a choking wall of fire and smoke.  No, we didn’t have the fire licking right at our door, but it … Continue reading

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Let’s Be Civil

I’ve written a lot about Prop 8, and I spend a lot of time Googling news stories about it.  I’m reading quite a bit, and it saddens me that people on both sides of the issue are getting more and … Continue reading

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Separate & Not Equal

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with someone about proposition 8.  I never was clear as to how she voted.  I got the impression she didn’t vote on it one way or the other because she simply didn’t understand the … Continue reading

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Can You Believe This?

I just received my regular newsletter from my state assemblymember, Michael Duvall, district 72.  Honestly, I was appalled.  He has really irked me in the past, but this time – well, see for yourself: PROPOSITION 8 CONTINUES TO CAUSE A … Continue reading

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National Day of Protest

This Saturday, November 15th, is a national day of protest against the passage of prop 8.  If you don’t feel inclined to participate, maybe this little piece from the LDS Church will help prod you into action: Church Issues Statement … Continue reading

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