I’d Say It’s a Tie

I watched the Vice Presidential debate last night with as much interest as anyone.  I think it was a tie.  I don’t think either candidate did any damage to their his/her respective campaign’s interest.  Governor Palin showed a great deal of poise as did Senator Biden.  But I would expect nothing less from both of them, although after her performance recently in interviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sarah Palin.  I still say that she is woefully unqualified to be anywhere near the office of the Vice President, and the debate did nothing to change that opinion.

So on to the next hot topic:  the $700 billion economic rescue plan.  I thought this was something we should do, although not the perfect solution, at least it would keep the economy working.  But then I heard about the billions of dollars of pork spending the Senate added and I was simply appalled.  This is sending the wrong message to America.  NOW I am mad.  And John McCain voted yes on this.  I’m confused – I thought he was against this kind of earmark spending and special tax treatments?  And isn’t this the wrong time to be adding MORE spending by the government?

On a lighter note, I’m finding myself so addicted these days to TV news.  With everything going on, I just can’t seem to get enough information.  I sit in front of the TV with my laptop, Googling away.  I hear something, then Google to get more in depth information.  I’ve emailed and called my Congressman this week to state my opinion (don’t get me started on the honorable gentleman from my district – I’ll write an entire entry on him some day).  This is simply an exciting time to be informed about national events.  I turned to Fox News with amusement last night after the debate.  Now seriously, folks, does anyone really consider them a “fair and balanced” source of news?  I was listening to NBC, and that’s pretty middle of the road, then Fox comes along and gives a pretty different spin on the situation.  Pretty funny.

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I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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