School Days – Lively Times

Some of my friends tell me that I just don’t know how to do retirement because I seem busier than I did before I retire.  They obviously don’t see me in the morning after I feed the critters then sit down to “google” the days news and catch up on what we have recorded on the DVR.  Today I need to catch up on some homework after class yesterday, plus I ordered some textbooks for my next class.  Next week is our midterm.  Weird, but I’m not even that concerned about it.

I should explain that I’m working in theatre as my third career.  I did theatre work in high school and absolutely loved it, but got away from it.  I fell back into it about a year ago and realized how much I love it and haven’t looked back.  So much has changed in the years I’ve been away!  And the college theatre department I am attending has such a vibrancy to it – it’s such fun!  The faculty and students are a blast.  For someone like me that has spent most of my professional life with accountants and engineers, it is so refreshing to be around people with personalities that show on the outside.  I’m talking major extroverts.  In fact, it gets to be exhausting sometimes, but lively.  I went to a party this past Saturday night with a bunch of theatre folks and there was music playing in the background, but you couldn’t hear it.

One of the interesting things about theatre is that it brings together a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and interests to present one story to an audience.  Often there is another drama going on within the group of actors and crew if there is conflict within the group, but somehow the group has to rise above that to present a show.  It’s fascinating how this all happens, hopefully without the audience having a clue.  That’s not to say that all shows have conflict, they don’t, but sometimes they do.  Or some shows have situations that cause tension for a particular show, like a problem in the box office, or a problem backstage, or a technical problem.  And the cast and crew have to just get on with it, and keep the show going.  Amazing stuff.  I’ve been an audience member so many times, and I’ve never seen these problems.  Working behind the scenes now, I see it happen all the time.  Little things, and not so little things.  What I can say is that in most cases, it brings the group closer together that we have risen above the challenges and kept things going.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those who ran our country could act the same way?

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I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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