Sunday… Tomorrow is School

I have homework to do, and I’d rather blog.  Don’t tell anyone.

Yes, folks, after “let’s not discuss how long” after getting my college degree, I have walked back on the campus of the local junior college and I’m taking some classes in pursuit of my third career.  This is what happens when you “retire” very early.

I must say, it’s very interesting being a tad older than the average student in the class and on campus.  I know my knees probably hurt a bit more than most of the students (I’ve had surgery on both of them).  I was picking up my parking pass last week, and a young woman tried to illegally park next to the campus police station to pick up her parking sticker.  When told she couldn’t park there, she slung some “f” word in the direction of the safety officers and took off.  I giggled to myself thinking that her knees could probably hold up better walking from off campus to pick up a parking pass than my knees could.

But class is so very interesting.  I remember starting college 30 years ago, and being so scared I threw up.  Now, I am just frustrated when I can’t find a parking place.  Back then, I wore a dress on my first day of class.  Today, I wear shorts and a t-shirt.  And the assignments then seemed so overwhelming.  Now, they seem like a walk in the park.  Of course, now I’m taking classes in exactly what I want to study, not a predetermined set of classes towards a degree.  And I am very relaxed about the grading – whatever!  I’m in it for the education, really!

But they say that stimulating the mind keeps you young.  Well, if that’s true then I plan on being my age for quite some time.  But I guess I better get my homework done.  I have to read the second Act of “Romeo and Juliet”.  Haven’t read that since high school.  And I know I don’t remember it from that long ago!

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I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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