Retirement? Not Exactly…

When I left work last summer, I did so with the intent of embarking on some other adventures.  One thing I needed to get done was sell a rental property, which I knew was going to be a full time endeavor given the condition of both the property and the real estate market.  I was right about that.  Fortunately, the property did sell in about 4 months from the time I gave the tenants notice until escrow closed.  I was indeed fortunate and I know it.  And I walked away with a nice return on the property that I had owned for several years.  I worked my butt off on it getting it ready to sell, staging it, and keeping it nice during the selling process.  It WAS a full time job.

After that, I left the escrow with a pile of cash and a feeling of “What’s next?”.  I had left my chosen profession with a feeling of disenchantment with the technology industry specifically (I worked in software engineering), and corporate American generally, so I wasn’t ready to go back.  And fortunately, I didn’t have to go back in order to survive.  Some one else was buying the groceries, paying the mortgage and the utilities.  All I had to do was figure out how to age gracefully and not let my mind rot.  Easier said than done.  “A body in motion, stays in motion.  A body at rest, …”  We know how that one ends.  My recliner and I became attached.  I was definitely a body at rest.  Can you say “Slug”?

So I engaged regularly in pity parties.  Remember those?  I still do.  People tell me I’m so young to be retired.  So they often assume I’m just unemployed.  Wish I was, at least the state would send me little checks once a week.  I’m not unemployed.  I choose not to have a job.  That sounds so lame.  Maybe I’ll start saying “I’m on sabbatical.”  But the problem is I never had that big send off party like my parents both did when they retired.  No gold watch, no “have a great retirement” send off from all of the people that I have worked with years.  But that’s because no one works with the same people for years anymore.  At least I haven’t or didn’t.  But that’s another whole topic.

I keep thinking I could go back to work any time I wanted to, but could I really?  I wonder.  Have I watched so many “Law and Order” re-runs that my brain cannot function without a DVR rewind button now?  Has watching reality TV permanently damaged my thought patterns?  If I went back to work, would I expect that everyone would act as dramatically as a soap opera?  I have noticed over the years that the level of drama in the workplace has increased compared to what it was.  What happened to the good old days when we all swallowed our problems, got an ulcer, and we all had enough health insurance to pay for our problems?  Those days are long gone.  Moral of the story:  invest your 401K savings in the health care mutual funds.  They will always do well because Americans are going to always need health care and anti-depressants.

So what does the future hold?  I really just am not sure.  I have discovered that there really isn’t anything I can’t master once I put my mind to it.  So if you are out there and want to hire a very capable person who would like to embark on her third career (yes, I was an accountant before I was in software engineering), then email me at  Professional, huh?

About Purrkitten

I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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