Baby Boomer or Gen X?

Do you ever have this feeling that you are on the outside looking in?  That belonging is just outside your grasp?  It’s an odd, feeling of disconnectedness (is that a word?).  I’ve spent quite a bit of my life with that feeling.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is not a major whining or anything.  It’s simply an observation.  I have tried to identify myself with the baby boomer generation, but the more I hear about what this generation is all about, the more I think that I’m not a part of that bunch – I was terrified of rebellion when I was younger, although I get more and more comfortable with quiet dissent as I age.  Yet, I’m not a Gen-X’er either.  I certainly hope the Gen-Xer’s don’t think I one of those narcissistic boomers from the “me” generation.  I recycle, drive a hybrid, volunteer for non-profits I care about.  For God’s sake, I saw “Leave It To Beaver” for the first time on re-runs!

That’s the problem with categories.  Although my brain needs them to sort out the world, then I get into trouble because I don’t look beyond the box I have placed a person, place, or thing.  But it pisses me off when someone or society in general does the same thing to me.  I really don’t like those surveys that ask my race, gender, education, etc…  First of all, why is it anybody’s business but mine anyway?  But I digress.

Back to my generational label.  So I am technically a Boomer.  But a late Boomer, which I have since found out is now called Generation Jones.  Not full of the rebellion of the Boomers, we came of age in the ’70’s.  The X-ers are cynical.  I am cynical.  Am I before my time?  Anyone who has worked in corporate America for any length of time has to become cynical to survive.  But I’m not an X-er based on the year I was born in.  Again, guilty of digression.

So I go back to my original hypothesis.  I may have been born a Boomer, but for a lot of reasons, I can’t identify.  Not old enough to be a hippie (Geez, the drugs looked fun, but that wasn’t the point, was it?  Something about enlightenment?).  Our music in the ’70’s was disco.  It was cool to disdain it, but I secretly liked it and now listen to it sometimes.  Can’t dance to it though – bad knees.  Getting older simply sucks.

So I guess for now I’ll simply embrace the label of getting older in the coolest possible fashion as I pursue stuff that I didn’t get a chance to do when I was a kid because labels said I couldn’t.  Cool.

About Purrkitten

I have a wide range of interests, but not a great deal of depth in any of them. So here I share just a smattering of my random thoughts, mostly for my own amusement.
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